Sunday League - 2017 Term 3

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Total Games = '31', Total Goals = '267', Total Assists = '179'
Moritz Leonhardt (Autobots)18826
Matthew Bertschinger (Autobots)111021
Henrik Nystrom (International Floorball Collective)911202
Christian Bertschinger (International Floorball Collective)13417
Nick Campbell (International Floorball Collective)8917
Sven Sundin (Gotham City Raiders)15116
Timbi Poon (International Floorball Collective)9514
Josh Campbell (Autobots)7714
Christo Matheson (Vikings)7512
John To (International Floorball Collective)4812
Joshua Elkin (Decepticons)6410
Liam Fisher (Decepticons)729
Louis Scott (Autobots)729
Angus Stallman (Blades of Steel)639
Tim McKibbin (Autobots)639
Michael Tong (Vikings)549
Reilly Frost (Vikings)549
Jackson Baker (Blades of Steel)549
Rohan Skilton (International Floorball Collective)549
Travis Ancelet (International Floorball Collective)718
Lachlan Collett (The Hated Eight)718
Russell Hirst (Gotham City Raiders)268
Lukas Gutknecht (Gotham City Raiders)527
James Matheson (Autobots)527
Cam Fitzgerald-Little (Decepticons)437
Alec Stewart (Decepticons)437
Sophie Scott (Gotham City Raiders)437
Aneesha Budhia (Vikings)347
Marie Sundin (Gotham City Raiders)167
Bradley Sommerville (Vikings)516
Emma Fell (Rejects)516
Jackson Lewis (Decepticons)55
Jesse Morgan (Decepticons)415
Connor Weston (Autobots)325
Jonny Higham (The Hated Eight)325
Siva Gopal Thaiyaln (Rejects)235
Adam Tunnicliffe (Decepticons)55
Oli Skrzynski (Blades of Steel)314
Hannah Bertschinger (Beauty & the Beasts)314
Lucas Earley (Autobots)134
Aiden Hacche (Decepticons)213
Georgia Kibblewhite (Gotham City Raiders)213
Troy Lim (Rejects)213
William Gould (Vikings)213
Lilly Cooper (Beauty & the Beasts)213
Gabriel Braniff (The Hated Eight)213
Tessa Murphy (Blades of Steel)33
Nia Emrys (Beauty & the Beasts)33
Andy Knackstedt (Rejects)2132
Arnie Lowe (Autobots)22
Nathan McLachlan (Beauty & the Beasts)22
Caleb Ward (Decepticons)112
Amy Fisher (Beauty & the Beasts)112
Ole Rigby (Decepticons)112
Connor Cresswell (Blades of Steel)112
Jack Lee (Rejects)112
Jordan Boyle (The Hated Eight)112
Liam Abel (The Hated Eight)112
Nicolette Jones (Blades of Steel)112
Ryan Malin-Curry (The Hated Eight)22
Gavin Pereira (Rejects)11
Zane Snaith (The Hated Eight)11
Ben McKibbin (Autobots)11
Kyle McCoy (The Hated Eight)11
Suzie Young (Blades of Steel)11
Rachel Cross (Blades of Steel)11
Daminda Dias (Rejects)11
Dan Jones (International Floorball Collective)11
Simon Righarts (Beauty & the Beasts)11
Anita Jones (Gotham City Raiders)11
Annie Blomgren (Gotham City Raiders)11
Thomas Betten (International Floorball Collective)11
Nalaka Dias (Rejects)11
Ameka Weston (Beauty & the Beasts)11
Reuben McSweeney (Autobots)11
Brendan Patrick (Autobots)11
Darren Patrick (Decepticons)11
Phil Matheson (Vikings)02
Phil Miller (The Hated Eight)02